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Comb-Back Writing Arm Chair (Bamboo)


NOTE: All pieces are made to order. Estimated production/shipping time is currently 18 weeks out.

The Comb-Back Writing Arm chair had developed from a chair that was critical to the success of D.R.DIMES as a Windsor chair maker. In 1976 Mr. Dimes placed an ad in Early American Life for a Limited Edition Writing Arm Chair similar to this one. He sold 200 very quickly for $200 each. That event launched his business and he never looked back.

Similar to the Three Back Writing Arm but a bit more country. It has the same basic shape but has a simple pad arm and a carved comb instead of the bow and comb. Just as today, some Early Americans preferred something a bit more simple but still of impeccable quality.


Height: 44 3/4″

Width: 36″

Seat Height: 18″

Seat Width: 28″

Seat Depth: 16 1/2″


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