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Baby Bowback Arm Chair


NOTE: All pieces are made to order. Estimated production/shipping time is currently 18 weeks out.

A gorgeously proportioned child size Sackback. This chair is based on one of DRDIMES most popular arm chairs, the 1007 Bowback Arm Chair. The chair is actually miss named. That happened over 50 years ago when my father was a young man starting out. the form is actually known as a Sackback characterized by the bent arm with a bent top bow that terminates steeply into the arm. Building Windsor chairs is all about understanding the myriad of angles that all must be drilled at the proper compound angle. Suffice it to say once you’ve mastered that the rest is fairly straight forward.

  • Height: 29″
  • Width: 20″
  • Seat Height: 13″


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