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18th century antique reproduction  Desks Two Drawer Chippendale Writing Desk
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Two Drawer Chippendale Writing Desk

No. 3028-2
Increasingly we are asked to make custom furniture. The easiest thing to do is customize an existing piece as in the case of this Chippendale Writing Table. Technically part of the Benchmark Collection we placed the piece here in the Custom Collection to illustrate our capabilities to do such projects. We eliminated one drawer and made the piece 8” shallower which were simple changes. Whenever we make such a piece Mr. Dimes creates a full elevation drawing which can be emailed to the retailer or directly to the retail customer to avoid any misunderstanding. If you click the "Print Freindly" button below the photo you can see the drawing that was sent for approval.

If you have a custom piece in mind or just changes to an existing one contact your local dealer or us directly at to see what might be possible.
  • Dimensions & Options
Height: 30"Depth: 24" Length: 42"