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18th century On the Drawing Board

On the Drawing Board Collection

early american On the Drawing Board
Douglas P. Dimes is the Owner and President of D.R.DIMES & Company but passion is revealed in his role as Chief Designer. Trained by the founder of D.R.DIMES, Douglas R. Dimes, he’s spent a lifetime in the pursuit of excellence in the design and execution of fine furniture. This compilation of schematics we call "On the Drawing Board” is a window into the family and the company that has been making some of the finest furniture in the country one piece at a time for almost fifty years. On the Drawing Board is not a cohesive collection, rather a catch all of imagination and possibility. Some drawings represent a request by a customer and others are just pure Dimes creativity. Browse around and maybe you will find something you like. Any customer that buys a piece from “On the Drawing Board” will get the original numbered one and signed personally by Douglas P. Dimes.