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18th century antique reproduction  Tavern & Bar Stools Auctioneer's Chair
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Auctioneer's Chair

No. 5019
We make a wide variety of tavern chairs for breakfast bars and the like. This is chair is great looking but we call it an Auctioneer’s chair because you can’t really use it up to a bar. You have to turn the chair side ways to get into it and once your feet are off the ground you can’t easily pull yourself up the bar. That doesn’t mean the chair isn’t cool though.
  • Dimensions & Options
Height: 50 1/2"Width: 23 3/4"Seat Height: 30"Seat Width: 19 3/4"Seat Depth: 17"
Standard: Maple Turnings, Oak Bendings, & Pine SeatOptional: Maple Seat